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Hester Goodman – You Could At Least Smile

Hester Goodman is best known as an essential cog in the phenomenal machine that is The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Stepping away from the customary theatre filling orchestral spectacular and her much applauded vocal duties with Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus), Hester… Continue Reading →

Daddy Stovepipe – Baby Please Don’t Go

Gifted with some serious blues picking skills, a tasty Mya-Moa tenor ukulele and a nail on the wall to hang alternating photos of his...

Percy Copley – One Afternoon

Percy Copley is a talented guy. Musician, entertainer, actor and teacher with 24 years of playing and singing for Disney under his strap, Percy knows a thing or two about performing. Now with his feet firmly back in the UK, Percy is putting his… Continue Reading →

The Small Change Diaries – Protest Songs

If you’re looking for some decent and harmonious original ukulele based music perfectly balanced with light percussion and melodic double bass, well dear reader you really should be checking out The Small Change Diaries. Formed a mere two years ago in 2014, ukulele playing… Continue Reading →

Ooty And The Cloud – Sazerac

Well bless my barnacles, what a simply delightful collection of songs! I wouldn’t normally wade into a review which such a brazen endorsement but on the very first listen I was genuinely taken aback and had to stop what I… Continue Reading →

Samantha Muir – The Beauty Of Uke

Samantha Muir started her ukulele career in 2012 after many years as a classical guitarist. The inspiration the ukulele generously feeds us took Samantha to take her technical skill and apply it to her new found passion by arranging classical pieces for the ukulele…. Continue Reading →

The Grateful Fred Trio – Further Down The Road

Have you noticed how blues, country and the ukulele seem to bed so well together? Perhaps it’s the fundamental lure of the 7th chord that enhances this trio so perfectly that draws them together or maybe it’s a reliance on three chord music! But whatever the… Continue Reading →

Charlotte Victoria Furness – The Sea Of Tears

A trip to the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival always nourishes the soul through its ensemble of wonderful and varied performers. It is rumoured Mary Agnes Krell can be seen the week before the festival atop the Lawrence Batley Theatre casting a search light… Continue Reading →

Lobby Lud – Is That Really A False Beard

I cannot think of a better way to introduce Lobby Lud than to quote the notes written on the inside of this quirky CD… I thought I should throw something together before music itself is replaced by something smaller and cleverer…. Continue Reading →

Put Ukulele Here T-Shirt

The second Uke Planet T-Shirt design is out now depicting the only way to make a ukulele player truly happy! This sandy coloured T-Shirt is available from now until September in all sizes from our partners at Street Shirts at just £9.99… Continue Reading →

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