It is my sad duty to report Blukulele as we know it is no more. There will be no more regular Blukulele nights on the first Friday of every month, effective immediately, so don’t go to the Blue Bell Inn on the 1st… well unless you fancy a pint of course!

I should stress this was not an enforced decision or anything by the new landlord who is a great chap and indeed I hope to bring ukuleles back into the Blue Bell Inn soon, perhaps with less regular but more varied events…watch this space!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Dave & I at Blukulele with a special mention to everyone who got up in front of the mic to give us a solo and to the uke bands who gave up their time to entertain us.

Keep your eyes peeled, more Uke Planet events are coming, and “always look on the bright side of life”.


The LAST Blukulele was on Friday August 4th, 9PM at the Blue Bell Inn!

Blukulele wass always on every first Friday of the month.


Blukulele wass a monthly acoustic ukulele sing-a-long and performance night that we host at The Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn in North Wales (Blue-Ukulele… Blukulele!)

It was an evening of ukulele music, singing, excellent real ales and ciders and an all round cracking night out. We generally had a ukulele sing-a-long of some favourite tunes and then took turns to perform solos or duets or just relax watching others do all the hard work. Anyone and everyone wass very welcome whether they wanted to sing along, bring a uke and join in playing, perform a few solo numbers or just have a pint or two and enjoy the show. Sometimes we even invited a special ukulele guest to come and join us and wow us with a performance.

Blukulele Song Book


Above all the emphasis wass on fun, it’s a night for everyone of every level (and indeed non-uke players too!) and if they wanted to have practice before you join us, they took a look the ever expanding Blukulele Songbook. We had a very limited numbers of Songbooks on the night so if people brought their your own copy that was be tremendously helpful 🙂



You would find us at the Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn, an award winning and most excellent pub that always offers a warm welcome to all and serves some rather excellent real ales, perrys and ciders and indeed great teas and coffees with a tasty little biscuit.



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