Our merch is now set up to purchase from Redbubble… and we’re pretty excited about that! This POD (print on demand) model allows us to offer as many styles, sizes and colours as possible plus there’s localised shipping in the UK, Europe, Australia & USA which all helps the carbon footprint.

Just click any of the T-shirt designs below to fill your ukulele playing, T-shirt wearing boots!

Uke Planet Pack T-Shirt
Uke Planet Pack T-Shirt
Blukulele T-Shirt

“Blukulele”… THE T-shirt to be seen in at our live ukulele events!
Planet Of The Ukes T-Shirt
Oh we love a good pun here at Uke Planet!
Put Ukulele Here T-Shirt
If you were ever in doubt where to stick it…
Uke Skywalker T-Shirt
May the ukulele be with you!
Mele Kalikimaka T-Shirt
A very, very, very Merry Merry Christmas to you!

Why Redbubble?

Now I hear you dear reader. There are lots of T-shirt suppliers out there in Internet land, why did we pick Redbubble? And more to the point, should you use Redbubble for your ukulele club, band or blog merchandise?

Well I confess I did look at quite a few and came up with some pretty solid reasons to use this company and I hope this research and experience is of use to you…

  1. Quality – I had already ordered a number of T-shirts from various suppliers and
    I have found Redbubble to be the best quality. The print quality is excellent the tees are great quality fabric and are accurate in size. They withstand the washing machine well too.
  2. Simplicity – As a customer the site is simple and snappy. As a T-shirt designer the experience is equally straightforward. To be honest a lot of POD T-shirt companies are pretty complex behind the scenes and they can be a bit of a headache. I found Redbubble to be the simplest of all them whilst retaining a lot of options. The new “duplicate product” option actually lets me have a new T-shirt design up and running in minutes.
  3. Price – You can set up your products to sell at any price. Redbubble take their cut, add shipping and the rest is yours. Personally I set the profit margin very low as I’m only doing this to keep this website ticking along but you’re free to set whatever price you feel reflects the work that has gone into your design. As a consumer, and having bought plenty of T-shirts from Redbubble myself. I can honestly say I always feel I’ve had good value for money.
  4. Isn’t it cheaper to just get a 100 T-shirts printed somewhere? Frankly, yes! But stop and think about that. What size are you going to order? How many colours do you want to offer? Should you get some skinny Tees, kids’ Tees, women’s Tees? Before you know it you got 50 variations and you can’t possibly print a 100 of each. Have you ever noticed band’s merch websites often only have “S” and “XXXL” in the sale. That’s because they had to guess what they’d need. The Large black Tee you hoped would be there at a bargain price never is. What about returns, queues at the post office, lost deliveries. Using Redbubble allows multiple colours, sizes and styles to be available at the tap of a phone screen and there are never any headaches over couriers, credit cards, GDPR or anything else. No waste, no excess stock, a little profit for you, a happy customer and another cool person wandering around wearing your T-shirt. Not only that, you can sell hoodies, stickers, wall art, phone cases… you name it! Take the simple route, let Redbubble do the hard graft while you spend you time designing, creating music and drinking tea.

Please remember folks that Uke Planet does not run advertising on its website as it looks cluttered, spammy and takes the focus away from the content. We do however enjoy designing and selling our T-shirt designs so if you want to support this website you could do a lot worse than buying one of our T-shirts.