Perfect for the beginner or a gift (or indeed personal treat!) for ukulele players of all ages and abilities, our big sister website Badge Planet has launched more wonderful ukulele badges, this time in the form of ukulele chords!

So far four beginner chords are available as badges of varying size, key-rings and fridge magnets but if they prove popular more chords could be on their way. I particularly like the Am7 design which I wear proudly myself with a slight sensation of irony and if you can’t remember how to tune up, Badge Planet have got that covered too (altogether now… “my dog has fleas”).

Click the designs below to take a closer look or simply browse all the ukulele badges at Badge Planet who are happy ship badges anywhere in the world.

Am7 Chord Badge C Chord Badge F Chord Badge G Chord Badge My Dog Has Fleas Badge


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