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The Black Orchid String Band

In a slightly lazy way I want to simply paste the official information about this band… The Black Orchid String Band is made up of West Papuan musicians and activists currently based in Melbourne who use music to maintain the… Continue Reading →

Tyrone & Lesley – Optimism

Lurking in deepest darkest Brisbane, one wears a fez and plays soprano uke, one wears a bowler and plays double bass. It already sounds great doesn’t it! These two characters have a terrific ukulele pedigree and performing partnership having first… Continue Reading →

Professor Peter – I Picks Up My Ukulele

Dutchman Professor Peter has made this writer’s life easy with this album. I am hovering over a thesaurus so I don’t focus too much on the world traditional but that is exactly what it is, in every sense and in an… Continue Reading →

Percy Copley – One Afternoon

Percy Copley is a talented guy. Musician, entertainer, actor and teacher with 24 years of playing and singing for Disney under his strap, Percy knows a thing or two about performing. Now with his feet firmly back in the UK, Percy is putting his… Continue Reading →

Renaissance Uke Man – Well Beyond The Bounds Of Good Taste

George Bartle aka Ukulele George aka Renaissance Uke Man studied as a classical singer and trombonist at the Royal College of Music in London and is a regular musician and musical director at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Pedigree indeed! Masterful of instrument and gifted… Continue Reading →

The Ukulele Uff and Lonesome Dave Trio

Liverpool’s musical heritage needs little introduction to anyone who hasn’t been living on Mars for the last 60 years. Whilst The Ukulele Uff and Lonesome Dave Trio don’t slot into the customary jigsaw one normally associates with the region’s creative culture, this album… Continue Reading →

The Magic Ukulele Of Roy Smeck

Outside of Hawaii, the ukulele’s historical second home was the vaudeville vogue of the preceding half of the 20th century. If you crave to listen to some advanced ukulele techniques then Music Hall is a wonderful place to explore for that is where you’ll… Continue Reading →

Elof & Wamberg – Byen Sover

For my part, a great deal of anticipation preceded the release of this, the second album from the Danish duo Elof & Wamberg. Their first album, 12 Ornli’ Syge Tracks For Ukulele Og Kontrabas, was one of the most interesting albums I’ve… Continue Reading →

Elof & Wamberg – 12 Ornli’ Syge Tracks For Ukulele Og Kontrabas

I discovered this album in 2013. I had tickets for the Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain and there was a Danish act listed in the line-up I wasn’t previously aware of. I eagerly Googled Elof & Wamberg and came across this, their debut… Continue Reading →

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