This chap from South Wales is no stranger to Uke Planet, his experimental digital wizardry pushing ukulele boundaries way over the rainbow. Whilst a definite nod to electronica is ever present, this is a lighter collection of cover versions taken from his participation of the “Weird Cover Challenge” over there on that there Facebook. If anyone was going to nail “weird covers” it was going to be AndyDan.

The range of original artists includes ELO, Toyah, AC/DC, Rod Stewart and a track from the musical Wicked. Goodness me! Some of the tracks pay a great deal of homage to the original, the talkbox vocals of Diary Of Horace Wimp being a typical example. Others are a zillion miles from the original most notably Thunderstruck, the iconic guitar riff of Angus Young, perhaps one the greatest guitar riffs of all time, casually cast aside in favour of a gentle ukulele pick smothered in electronic swirl. The song is barely recognisable yet cleverly steeped in beauty and charm of its very own.

As a bonus there are three extra tracks. Ascent (A Different Peak) is a different take on the opening track of AndyDan’s rather fabulous The Eight Thousands while From The Sea is an original minimalist piece. This Boat Will Be My Grave wraps things up with a more traditional song and sound in deference to a lugubrious Christmas.

This is a great little collection of eclectic tunes, each advancing the uke to ever distant and uncharted points of the ukulele universe while having a little cheeky fun along the way. Interesting, quirky and oh so enjoyable.

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