A musician & teacher from Barcelona, Choan Gálvez released a wonderful solo ukulele album on Bandcamp back in 2018 and we really thought it about time we said so.

The lusciously titled “Lullabies for Astronauts” is an album of original lullabies, ten soft and dexterous songs that can relax us, heal us, take the strain from this hectic world and allow us that snippet of downtime that we so readily crave.

I am approaching this review not to pick out personal delights or pour focus on certain techniques and flourishes. No, this album is here to loosen us, one should let the tracks flow together and leave analysis for another day. It’s purpose is to lull and comfort, to allow ones eyes to close and embrace the gentle sound waves that surround us.

I should perhaps however mention that these tunes are accessible pieces you can attempt yourselves, the sheet music is readily available and the complexity within the grasp of most players. That could well be your personal path to nirvana but I prefer to access tranquillity as a lazy listener.

I recommend this album not only as an accomplished work of ukulele music, which it is, but as an orbit for the soul, a short break for the weary and an excuse to breath deeply, relax and smile… just once in a while… for now and again, we all have to let the rest of the world take care of itself for a wee while.

Head over to the ever wonderful Bandcamp to hear from from Choan or indeed check out his website.

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