For ten years now this German one man band with a penchant for punk can often be seen with a drum on his back when he performs. A ukulele player and songwriter, Crispy Jones has released a new four track CD in celebration of his decennial anniversary as a rather brilliant entertainer ably backed here by Cati Koch on vocals.

A sweet harmonica and picked uke kick off The Devil’s Turn which flows into some offbeat chops with a melancholic tone underpinned by the blunt opening line of “Leave me alone”. Bloom From The Kitchen is a much happier song, an uptempo blues tune on solo ukulele celebrating the wondrous sweet treats emerging from the oven with a stark warning of “getting fat very soon” atop a snippet of well placed percussive tapping.

Homeward Bound brings back the reggae feel emphasised this time with a strong bass line and some lovely drumming. Kaffee too has a fuller bass and drums and puts me immediately in mind of the offspring of The White Stripes and Gogol Bordello. Wow imagine what a great band that would be! Well you don’t have to, Kaffee nails that exciting sound and is my favourite song of the EP. I particularly love the mix of English and German which suits the melody and feel terrifically well.

The artwork carries the chords and lyrics, strum-a-long therefore actively encouraged. And why not indeed because these are quality songs folks. The recording and delivery are expertly done but the song writing skill is the stand out attraction for me. Regular readers will know I love a good EP, four killer tracks you want to repeat, repeat, repeat. And that is what Crispy has perfectly delivered. Happy anniversary sir!

You’ll find Mr Jones lurking around the web so check out his website and find him on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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