Gifted with some serious blues picking skills, a tasty Mya-Moa tenor ukulele and a nail on the wall to hang alternating photos of his heroes, Daddy Stovepipe has created a splendid YouTube channel. A wee word of caution here for those of a nervous six string disposition, be forewarned the dexterous digits of Mr Stovepipe extend to guitar as well as ukulele. They are equally amazing.

The video I wish to focus on here at Uke Planet is the first that grabbed me, the one my good friend sent me full of excitement on hearing this rendition of the blues standard Baby Please Don’t Go. This is a song that has been covered many times since its early 20th century origins by artists ranging from Big Joe Williams and Muddy Waters to AC/DC and I can confidently say this version happily stands its ground with the best of them. It’s over flowing with true blues soul, recorded simply and cleanly and frankly the performance is an exemplary example of how passionately the blues fuses to the ukulele so wonderfully.

This talented guy’s style packs a lot of punch and fluidity into the performance blending strums, slides, riffs, percussive taps and rather fabulous and well placed trills. It’s lazy journalism to say, but if Seasick Steve played ukulele… well sometimes it just needs to be said.

If you find you’ve been staring at Facebook way too much, spend some time watching the fabulous finger picking blues of Daddy Stovepipe on his wonderful YouTube channel. You can also buy the tab for these finger picking treats from Daddy Stovepipe’s website, indeed there’s plenty of free stuff too.

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