Ah Rage Against The Machine, a band like no other and certainly one of the greatest debut albums I ever heard. What if right, there was someone out there with a Kala ukulele and the nimblest of fingers who, oh I don’t know, started recording mash-ups of their favourite classic albums and decided, seeing as it’s Christmas (remember 2012!) to take on Rage Against The Machine. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Hmmm? What? No way! Awesome! Praise GNUF 2017 for steering me towards this rather amazing YouTube channel.

Armed with a laptop of, I assume, self programmed backing, Eat My Uke has of course done just that. Previously tackling albums as diverse as “Original Pirate Material” by The Streets (another favourite of mine),  The Beatles‘ “Sgt Pepper’s” and Paul Simon‘s “Graceland”, Eat My Uke is charging through some brilliant albums at a light speed of a release rate. That said, the quality is exceptional, there’s no sense of rushing whatsoever. It really is quite the achievement.

So onto RAGM. If you’re not familiar with the album itself there is still a great deal to enjoy in this compressed 3 minutes and 42 seconds. The bonus of tackling such good albums is that they are classics for a reason. They are packed with great songs and great riffs, there’s no filler material, and this transcends into the videos as smoothly as a silk lined ukulele case. The first song, Bombtrack,  nails the stripped down sound with it’s nippy bass backed picking and accurate chord riff sliding seamlessly into the instrumental hooks of Killing The Name Of. They are astoundingly accurate. Take The Power Back brings in a great chop and ringing harmonic, tight to the bass throughout and zooming through to the softer Settle For Nothing into the dance floor riot of Bullet In The Head, a particular tough one to pull of given the limited range of notes available.

And so it goes on, each track is instantly recognisable, solid, stable and remarkably true to the original. It really is quite something.

It’s mightily impressive to hear how this chap can pull the essence of each track into a short instrumental snippet, a showcase of talent therefore not only of performing skill but of a solid understand of what makes each song tick. Taking into account Eat My Uke is releasing a new one every week, well one can be only be stunned by the dedication and ability exhibited. My tip… stay glued to that YouTube channel, your ears, eyes and inspiration will thank you for it.

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