Here at Uke Planet we’re not just interested in CD releases and professional recordings. We also love to come across home grown talent who sit down in front of a camera, play their heart out and send the result up the digital highway to YouTube. Flea Bitten Boy slots perfectly into this philosophy.

A Navy nurse based in Plymouth (where else!) in the UK, Flea Bitten Boy has been playing the ukulele for 10 years after graduating from the acoustic guitar…

possibly because eliminating the choice of the two extra strings removes a significant amount of stress from the song writing and performing process

Take a click to his YouTube channel and you’ll find a selection of home spun videos showcasing a few cover versions and original songs in the blues and bluegrass genres, the latter exhibiting some excellent clawhammer techniques. The vocals pretty good too, growling with some real blues grit.

Two songs stand out for me. The first is a self penned bluegrass tune called  “Praying That The River Bank Holds This Year” which you can see at the top of this article. It has a percussive rhythm that has a real bite and I do like that title too! The second is a cover of “Time” by Tom Waits which is a more delicate performance showing us this chap is far more than a one clawed pony.

Flea Bitten Boy has been playing live at a few low key festivals gaining some notoriety as he goes. I judge there’s some quality performing going on behind that camera and I’d be very interested to see what he can do in the studio.

Since writing this review I believe Flea Bitten Boy now goes under the name of Red Shirt so I suggest you pop over to his new YouTube channel or go and find him on Twittering on Twitter.

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