Down on the South coast of England in Southampton you’ll find a street entertaining singer song-writer called Fragile Lucy. There Lucy creates and performs powerful ukulele songs with strong passionate vocals and thankfully for us Lucy pops a stack on them on Bandcamp too.

“Me To You & Other Stories” came out in May of this year (2018) and presents ten solo songs, each title tempting us in yet the urge to skip ahead to find out what the heck Techno Teddy is going to sound like ever beckons like audio clickbait!

Patience, patience for we begin with Maybe with its picked intro that flows into a lovely rhythmic strum and chunking punctuation that takes in a few held chords and a double time outro too. This use of changing rhythmic structure adds heaps of colour to this unaccompanied song and demonstrates true song-writing and indeed performance talent. The engaging chord progressions and stimulating melody too suggest a lot of thought and time was taken in crafting the song. The result of all this divergence is polished and shiny, it blends into an effortless performance, the depth of the creative masked by what is in essence simply a cracking song. That dear reader, is the mark of a song writing superstar.

This high level of writing continues throughout the recording with some lovely little nuances of interest such as the bird song and moderate use of well chosen harmonies in We Could Change The World, the extra notch of reverb in the sliding chorus of Wow Wow Wow, the lead vocal here echoing a little of Amy Winehouse and the Latin virtuoso feel of I Love The Sunshine.

“So come on Mike… what about Techno Teddy?”

Well hear I make a confession for I did indeed skip straight to that track when I first got the album. How could I not? Have you ever heard a more interestingly teasing title for a ukulele song? What did I find? Well harmonies, picked ukulele and background dial-up modem noises! The ukulele picks up a strumming pace for a second run through with lyrics from a mind akin to Mary Shelley that conjure up such a character who warrants a movie plot of their own. We’d all go to see Furry Robot right?  It’s punk, it’s experimental, it’s fun, it’s catchy, it’s certainly different and it’s very worthy of its tantalising title.

Fragile Lucy reverberates with the same irresistible draw of Billy Bragg, a confident and honest voice coordinated perfectly by a single instrument both grounded in clever and engaging songwriting.

You can listen & purchase the music of Fragile Lucy on Bandcamp or potter around Lucy’s online presence on Facebook, YouTube & website.

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