At GNUF 2016 I saw this whippersnapper perform on the Vinyl Tap stage. He was confident, funny and downright entertaining and by all accounts he nailed it in 2017 too… but what of Issac Hughes Dennis on CD?

His debut release “Gravity” is an EP of 5 original tunes, each enriched with a solid and lighthearted core of wit. Having seen these songs live I know he can charm his audience with his wit and boyish charisma and I’m happy to report the recordings have captured that cheeky and youthful exuberance perfectly.

Lyrically it is wonderfully epigrammatic with some really clever phrases…

Gravity has got me down

… I mean come on, that’s pretty awesome!

It’s a ‘No’ From Me is a delightful comment or the modern detritus that is the TV talent show and Not My Cup Of Tea ramps up the tempo to punk proportions complete with accompaniment from, well it’s synth sound of sorts one assumes, but yeah, it’s basically a kettle. And that simple idea of drafting in a whistling kettle sound to enhance a clean uke and vocal to record a song about tea is precisely the chemistry Isaac has flowing through his creative veins.

Gardeners Horror has a strikingly sinister picked opening and the final track, Rock ‘n’ Roll Parrot, introduces some harmonica and rather fetching parrot whistles too. Why not! I confess this final track strikes a personal and familiar lyrical note with me as I wrote a song myself, at about the same age, called Rock ‘n’ Roll Rabbit. Alas rabbits are lacking in oral capability and my rocking rodent was notably silent on my old 4 track demo. I should have gone for a parrot. Dang!

It’s low budget, it’s quirky, it’s only two of our measly earth pounds to download and it is exactly what the ukulele is all about. Buy it and love it.

Check out Isaac on Facebook or head over to Bandcamp to hear and buy the album.

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