Tenor ukulele singer-songwriter Izzy B has seemingly catapulted her passion for this fabulous instrument into her life. Having only been playing a few years and writing songs even less, this fervour is fuelled by a genuine affiliation with the instrument and its symbiotic relationship with the soul. There is no greater reason to write and play music than for the pleasure and spiritual disposition that accompanies it…

I’m just a girl doing what I love

Bankrolled through Crowdfunder this is Izzy’s debut album, a CD of relatively simple yet moving songs whose stripped down posture add a delicate intimacy and live feel to the recording. For the most part the tracks are a mix of breathy vocals and electro-acoustic tenor uke with a tasteful smattering of vocal harmonies and the occasional injection of bass, guitars and keyboards from Lizzie Andrews. Whilst I can appreciate a solo act of vocal and ukulele quite happily, I always feel a little variety of instrumentation and simple backing arrangement can add so much.

After the first slow whispering track I was expecting the whole album to follow this pattern but actually there’s quite a bit of variety here with plenty of knee tapping up tempo tunes, the second track Hey Cutie being such a poptastic example. That’s not to say the adagio songs are not enjoyable too, there’s some real intensity to these exposed moments, You being a particular personal treasure.

For a debut studio album this is a strong assemblage of tunes and one can only vigorously look forward to seeing how far Izzy’s talents can grow.

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