Eighteen months in the making we were happy to hear Izzy B has released a followup to her rather pleasing debut album. If the promise of her Facebook biography prevails it’s going to be joyful because the best music in the world always comes from passion. It’s just how it is…

I’m just a girl doing what I love

Izzy B

Rocks starts off the album; a happy ukulele with rhythmic bass support and a bitter sweet lyrical relationship story line. Plain Sailing then shows Izzy’s maturing approach with this gentle song, a seascape lulling along a 6/8 rhythm with echoing ukulele riffs that put one in mind of the sound Johnny Marr no less! Please Please Please for the ukulele world. Goodness me!

As we progress, Pretend is the obvious “single” from the album. It’s a spirited strum with a little stealth bass, light percussion and a mellow synthesised sweep. The vocals and ukulele are very much at the forefront, the backing low in the mix, just enough to colour the soundscape. The melody is instantly catchy, an ear worm you’ll be humming away as you walk in the Spring sunshine down to the bus stop. Tightrope adds even more depth, the ukulele steeped in delay allowing the timbres to blossom in yet another interesting direction. Indeed delay rears its echoing head a number of times on the album adding an interesting inflection to the tracks it graces.

The delivery and songwriting charmingly carry the Izzy stamp while the studio process has augmented her audible spectrum to give each song a clear identity adding just the right amount of intrigue to each mix. Each track very much falls into “fast or slow” with a well balanced order that keeps us on our appreciative and emotional toes. “Opia” is a fine and worthy follow up album perfectly peppered with absorbing layers punctuated by that perfect pop song. Right, I’m off to catch that bus… “Do do da du dooo…”

Go forth and find Izzy B on Facebook & YouTube or head over to Big Cartel to buy the album.

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