We’ve reviewed Mr Gallagher before with his excellent album so it was a pleasure to receive a new link from him, this time in the form of a video single.

We love a video but how wonderfully refreshing to see a nicely edited film complete with a performance to camera, close up picking and not only drifts of actual bees but plenty of human drones bumbling around the cityscape backdrop. Indeed Marc, kudos for find a bee bus stop!

The track itself I would very tentatively and loosely call a bit of an indie anthem with its delightfully delicate picked verse and chorus that crescendos ever upwards through the song. The arrangement flourishes ever meatier with a subtle layer of bass and drums before the song explodes into a middle 8 with a full over-driven backdrop and choral harmonies where it pins its anthem-like leanings high atop the bee hive.

I’ve on my 8th or 9th repeat by now and I know I’ll be singing “and the bees keep buzzing” all day. This is an utter hit in my opinion, well orchestrated and performed with a very tidy video and ridiculously memorable chorus. Catch Marc at GNUF this year and with any luck, he’ll play this song and we will all sing along with that melody happily buzzing round our brains.

You can find out more at Marc’s website or check out his array of social media links… Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & SoundCloud.

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