Hot on the heels of the single we recently reviewed here at the Uke Planet citadel Marc Gallagher is back and he has moved things up a level with an album of ten original songs I am happily pleased to label “ukulele pop”. It’s fun, it’s uptempo, it’s backed with a full band, it’s radio friendly and it’s fun. The world needs more music like that don’t you think?

Case in point then with How Much I Love You which kicks things off with a rapid tempo bang which I can describe no better than a ukulele Mega City Four (RIP Wiz mate). Fast and furious with a high range vocal and punk driving drum track it’s a floor filling pogo track for sure. The second track beats to a more dancing pattern adding in a little sweet soloing too and deals with a fundamentally important lyrical topic with its catchy chorus line… tea.

Indeed the whole CD has this continuing good vibe about it, there’s a bounce to so many of the songs, the bass often animating between the root and fifth which only adds to the joy and the desire often to clap and tap along to these well written tunes. And well written they are, the vocal lines and choruses often tempting a desk-side hum-a-long. And that’s the pop element I was so keen to impart, this is an album to smile to, to enjoy with no hidden agenda. Even the more serious elements found in Bees Keep Buzzing as previously reviewed for example are still positively charged and if not happiness at least deliver hope and pride.

One shouldn’t make direct comparisons in reviews, I feel it a little unfair, but Grow On Me makes me smile and reminds me of the theme from 70’s TV show The Littlest Hobo (which is way before Marc’s time I’m sure) and it adds a whole extra level of delight to this cutest of tunes for me. I love that a lot.

In summary lovely readers this is a fabulous album, it’s something to put a little spring in your step, each song flush with alacrity and I suspect Marc has been having much better Summers since 2016! Even reviewing “Level Up” has put me a rather good mood so if you want a favour, now’s the time to ask.

You can find out more at Marc’s website or check out his array of social media links… Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & SoundCloud.

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