Back in 2017 Marc Gallagher had a Shit Summer which resulted in a decent album. A couple of years later Marc is certainly a happier chap, if the title of his latest release is anything to go by, but more importantly his song writing and technique have really sprouted.

English Country Day starts off our frostbitten journey as some ringing overdriven chords flood our ears with the hallmarks of a well written “opener”, bolstered by a smattering of piano and some nice work on the drums from Jamie Alsop. Who Wants Some Booze follows up, an instant foot tapper if I ever heard one, guaranteed to get those festival audiences clapping along. There’s some terrific underlying ukulele playing here though, one shouldn’t let the jolliness mask the dexterous country blues skill that feature in abundance.

A gentler song soon follows with All Came Back Around while 10 Years That Made Me opens up some crisp lively picking, both heavily leaning into folk. Indeed this is certainly a diversified collection of songs with all genres aptly executed with polish and sophisticated ingredients.

Marc is a well travelled musician and actively seeks out gigs abroad. This is perhaps a trademark in itself and it is therefore gratifying to see some tracks performed in German and whilst it is not sung in French, it is certainly referenced in the final anthem of Mademoiselle. As with the opening track, this is a perfect “closer” demonstrating Marc’s clear understanding of the album as a medium, a dwindling skill in the age of digital music.

This is a creative, diverse and inspiring work which showcases Marc’s advancing skills thoroughly… and enjoyably so! This is easily the best thing Marc has ever done and has given this talented chap a well sculptured angle to call his own.

You can find out more at Marc’s website or check out his array of social media links… Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & SoundCloud.

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