The hugely talented Mr Moss is back again with a new album, an instrumental compilation of jazz, swing and ballad arrangements for the ukulele with a traditional Hawaiian aroma and a smattering of delicate accompaniment.

Intriguingly both tracks one and eleven bookend the album with a medley. The album starts us off with a creamy combination of Lullaby Of Birdland and Satin Doll and packs together Whispering, Lady Be Good, Sin To Tell A Lie, I’ll See You In My Dreams, Yes Sir That’s My Baby and Sunrise into a lightening masterclass of traditional favourites at the end with all the clever strumming they require. Indeed this melding madness continues in other track selections too including Feelings fusing with Solitaire closely followed by another potent assemblage of standards.

By the forth track things become a little simpler yet perhaps even more captivating with a glorious rendition of Cavatina where a drum track starts to make an appearance which becomes even more apparent and indeed I would argue necessary to carry along the rhythm of Ipanema and My Blue Heaven / All Of Me (yes dear reader another magnificent mingling).

I am always excited to see the word Smeck crop up on a track-list as I feel anyone who attempts to carry off his music must have some competent expertise to even consider a song spawned from the master. Pete delivers spectacularly of course with a wizardly performance of Magic Ukulele Waltz.

You’re probably aware by now I’m very fond of this album for it is a highly enjoyable collection of true ukulele music, skilfully played and expertly arranged, its feet firmly in the traditional with an abundance of style. Wonderful World cements this perfectly for me, a version that could perhaps be thought of as perfectly nimble as it swings us gently along with its wistful bass.

I find my mind contemplates the style and feel of “True Colours” with the legendary Lyle Ritz and that is not praise I offer lightly. Impressed then I am with this delightfully mellow collection of tunes that should adorn the CD collection of all ukulele fans, ready to be picked out whenever a little relaxation is needed to combat life’s stresses big and small. Is is both sensational and soothing, and that is a victorious combination.

Check out Pete on the Pete Moss website. There are also videos aplenty available on YouTube. Oh, and just to be clear, this Pete Moss is in no way affiliated with the contentious United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra… that’s a different fella altogether!

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