Dutchman Professor Peter has made this writer’s life easy with this album. I am hovering over a thesaurus so I don’t focus too much on the world traditional but that is exactly what it is, in every sense and in an impeccable way.

“I Picks Up My Ukulele” is a collection of trad… I mean popular and time honoured classics from the twenties and thirties, a pot of Tin Pan Alley and Swing gold. And it’s perfect, utterly perfect. The song choice and arrangements are clever and it is beautifully recorded and expertly performed. The Professor’s voice is rich and gentle and his ukulele strum both soothing and solid with that unmistakable mahogany sound. Self accompaniment comes in various forms, each suitably conventional with kazoo, mouth trumpet, harmonica, melodica and… well is that a saw I can hear? Harmonies too creep in when required and indeed a guest female voice joins in a dueted rendition Under The Moon.

To give you a flavour of what you expect you’ll hear Heart And Soul, Go Slow And Easy (my personal favourite), Swing Brother Swing and indeed Swing It Sister. The tempo varies across the track listing from total toe tappers whisking you to 1930’s Chicago speakeasy to slower numbers which would sit perfectly as the soundtrack to a rather quaint French film.

I categorically love this album, there’s an interesting choice of songs, some obvious, some more obscure but they are all executed perfectly. Old time ukulele perfectly preserved.

Made it! I only said traditional once… oh ******

Head over to Professor Peter’s website to find out more or check him out on YouTube.

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