I do like an artist that transcends pigeon holes and seemingly this self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Bangladesh can turn his hand to anything.

As ever here though we’ve concerned with what he’s achieved playing ukulele, an instrument interestingly enough he doesn’t even mention in his biography in his list of talents… just think how good he must be on the others!

The song has a sweet little tenor uke riff and simple hand clap rhythm with catchy pop vocals that I can only imagine has Dhaka tapping its feet on a regular basis. It’s self-produced well and when you strip it apart as you listen you can hear he’s created a big pop sound from seemingly humble instrumentation.

Whilst a lot of Rafa’s work isn’t on the uke, the tunes that are show a real talent for the instrument. I came across another video of him in uke-mode which shows a reggae leaning… which certain goes some way to explaining the hat in the first video…

All in all this guy impressed me with his catchy songs and talented fingers and I’m keen to see what he comes up with next.

Rafa (aka AvoidRafa) is from the modern school of music distribution and promotion in that he can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and no doubt many other internet channels.

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