Last week was quite the normal week. A little rain, a little sunshine, and a whole pile of work to get through. For a little light relief I hopped over to Facebook and came across this video posted by ukulele manufactures extraordinaire KoAloha (I do love a koa KoAloha).

Hailing from Cairns, Australia, Ryo Montgomery not only oozes ukulele talent (as well as being an accomplished guitar player) but takes the prize for the most rock ‘n roll looking ukulele I’ve ever seen! Whether it’s a little too “blingy” for your personal tastes or not, you have to admit his bespoke KoAloha electric Pineapple Sunday oozes pizazz and I for one utterly love it.

But we’re not here to drool over pineapples, the burning question is can the lad play the thing? I assume of course you have by now played the video and drawn the same conclusion… good lord yes!

Don’t Hold Back is an original piece, sprouting from a contemporary jazz kernel yet having a ridiculously catchy almost soul-funk chorus and dare I say some metal-speed hammering thrown in there too!

The performance showcases the depths of this young man’s impressive talents. Ryo has a lovely expressive feel to his strum fusing into some super smooth runs and indeed the whole tune shows a terrific understanding of how to marry different techniques together transcending from a technical demonstration into a truly homogeneous, effortless and indeed enjoyable performance.

So thank you KoAloha for pointing the camera, thank you KoAloha for building such a knock out instrument, and a huge thank you Ryo Montgomery for blowing my socks off with your spectacular skills.

If you Google this talented young man you’ll find all sorts of treats or pop along and friend him on Facebook or Twitter.

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