Samantha Muir‘s work is no stranger to Uke Planet and indeed we have in the past offered nothing but praise for her delightful album of classical arrangements.

So then, expectations with anything Samantha posts on YouTube are already high but this fine and talented musician posted a video yesterday that is one of the most beautiful soprano ukulele arrangements my ears have been lucky enough to be soothed by.

Dona Nobis Pacem, to give the piece it’s Latin title, is a traditional canon taken from the Latin Mass, stripped down to its elegant and slightly melancholic soul. Intentionally suggested, as Samantha puts it, “in these troubled times”, it does indeed offer some graceful respite from the worries of the world that seem so accentuated in 2016.

Samantha Muir’s skillful reputation is effortlessly growing, and deservedly so, and here I feel the instrument of choice in this performance, an angelic sounding spruce top soprano from Rob Collins, strung I suspect with fluorocarbon strings to give that haunting bell like tone, has added the perfect amount of extra nuance to Samantha’s performing and arranging skill. A perfect match indeed with such a dignified and sonorous instrument.

As utterly magnificent and ethereal as this recording is I cannot help but imagine how stunning it would sound played live in one of the UK’s glorious cathedrals… coo, it would send a shiver down my spine. Peace, love and ukulele indeed.

Check out Samantha Muir’s website and YouTube channel for more random acts of genius.

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