There’s a fabulous new Facebook group that’s hit the web-waves called “Original Ukulele Songs“. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, it’s a place to upload your original tunes and of course watch and enjoy many others from fellow ukulele players. Whilst I love to listen to a good cover version, especially one that adds new depth and intrigue to a song, there’s something very special about seeing someone perform a song they’ve written themselves, that little window into the soul of a complete stranger.

I’m a member of the group myself and whilst I’ve yet to post up any of my own songs, I’m a regular lurker of other player’s anthems. This week I casually flicked on a song that utterly blew my ukulele festooned socks off and I knew I had to give it some well deserved Uke Planet attention, especially as Valentine’s Day is upon us.

So this week’s featured ukulele gem comes from Sarah Kelly, a home spun video that isn’t a misunderstood A-ha cover but an up close and personal yet light hearted song about her passage to matrimonial bliss. It’s in a very traditional style, seventh chords a plenty with a gentle Andante flow and played beautifully on what looks like a rather nice Koaloha soprano (or is it a concert?). Sarah’s voice is hugely impressive bulging with tone, range and expression, delivered expertly with oodles of soul and personality. The performance features plenty of tempo and dynamic subtlety, a true sign of someone who knows how to write and indeed deliver a song skilfully, and is pitch perfect from beginning to end.

May I wish a happy Valentine’s day to ukulele lovers everywhere and suggest you could do far worse than share this lovely video on the Facebook page of your loved one. It is far more original than supermarket flowers after all and a delightful wee song to boot. Go on, you know you want to!

When Sarah isn’t uploading diamonds like this to Original Ukulele Songs she is to be found teaching ukulele to the stars of tomorrow.

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