Take three chaps with a generous smattering of facial hair, give them a couple of rather nice ukuleles, a flea bass, synthesizer, massive pedal board and a spread of fancy hats and the result would be and indeed is a witty and accomplished three piece from Northumberland.

To give Andy, Matt and Jerry a style is like trying to pin the tail on a donkey on a quad-bike as they deliver some fantastic playing, robust deep vocals, stratified harmonies and a barrage of banter through their own compositions and crowd pleasing interpretations whilst zipping along through all genres from rock to classical. With “Sea Of Change” however their wide ranging showmanship is focused into eight original competitions, their masculine sound, swirling synths and ukuleles cementing The League Of Ukulele Gentlemen‘s distinct tone at the root of each song.

The eponymous opening track sets the mood perfectly awash with swampy reverb soon contrasted by Red Of A Winter’s Dawn with its cowboy saloon piano, almost Elvis-like vocal melody and nippy ukulele riffs all with an inkling of musical theatre no less. BudaChild diversifies further based on an ethereal interpretation of Sweet Child Of Mine, deconstructed and sculpted into a beautiful arrangement with a few further and familiar adornments.

The rest of the album flows beautifully tempting us with the voices of over-driven ukulele, furious prog rock organ, anthemic solos, frantic Catalonian ukulele rhythms, a jaunt with J.S. Bach and some cracking mutes achievable from only the briskest of wrists.

Strong, diverse, original and a step away from the traditional “Sea Of Change” nails its colours high up the mast of pioneering uke based music showcasing The League’s digital swelling achievements to non-believers who refuse to consider how far you can go with this humble instrument.


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