Steffan Günter (Tenor Ukulele, Ukulele Bass, Steel Guitar, Saxophone) and Miriam Hein (Vocals, Concert Ukulele) are a uke based duo from Munich, Germany and I honestly don’t think there is a more entertaining and accomplished YouTube channel of ukulele music out there than that of The Ukelites.
The first thing you’ll notice about these guys is the highly professional quality of their videos. Remember, these are just home produced videos but holy macaroni many of them are simply masterpieces, often with the use of a green screen.

Have good look around their YouTube channel and you’ll find a diverse mix of songs and styles. There’s plenty of early jazz and swing, a mine of soul music, some mind blowing versions of modern pop songs and a great collection of hits from the 60’s.

Instantly Miriam’s voice stands out as her soulful and powerful voice tackle the toughest of vocal melodies accompanied by her equalled talent of ukulele playing.

Steffan then provides the backing tracks. He is a master on the ukulele bass and tenor ukulele and will suddenly appear from nowhere and blow you away with his sax! He is one cool muso I can tell you.

It really is very tricky to pick out a few favourite videos from The Ukelites as they are so consistently good. Well “Stupidity” will blow you away that’s for sure and it’s certainly worth watching “Stray Cat Strut” (even their finger clicks are perfectly timed). I also certainly have a soft spot for “Mercy” and “What Are You Doing On New Year’s Eve?” is a wonderful showcase of their talent. I really could end up pasting links to them all in if I’m not careful!

Individually they are wonderful musicians but put them together and an explosion of talent emerges. I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy The Ukelites as much as I do and one day, oh one happy day, I do hope I get to see them perform live!

The best place to check out The Ukelites is via their fabulous YouTube Channel.

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