Sometimes a YouTube video comes along that reviews itself in its beauty. Just click, listen, absorb, enjoy… and then click it again!

Well I guess I had better say a little something, but I find myself carried away with thoughts of all the engaging music in the world that quietly releases itself into the wild with only a gentle nod of appreciation. And that excites me, it encourages me to don my Indiana Jones hat and dig through the Internet garbage piles of YouTube, SoundCloud and so on with the promise of unearthing a glittering gem such as We Tigers performance of Brigitte Bardot’s “La Madrague”. Radiating eloquence from every luscious baritone tickle, every tender run on the bass, every vibraphone chime of sweetness and each and every gracefully articulated French syllable; this is the most enchanting bauble you could ever wish to uncover.

You’ll find We Tigers on Facebook & YouTube… go forth and explore.

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