I have been meaning to write something about We Tigers for quite some time. As The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival (GNUF) is only a week away and this amazing duo are coming over from The Netherlands to lull the crowd of the unplugthewood stage with a soothing set of their fine music I thought now was the time.

Michael is an exceptionally talented guy. He plays all sizes of ukulele, rapidly finding the soul of every instrument he picks up. He also plays bass, drums and I suspect just about any instrument you put in his hands. Dust this solid musicianship with the sensational vocals of Saskia with her whispering touch on the glockenspiel and the results are always something pretty special. A new YouTube upload from We Tigers delivers every single time.

Recently We Tigers uploaded an image to Facebook of a Marshall amp turned up to one and I cannot think of a better representation of their music. It’s gentle, calming, reflective, it caresses your being, it’s music to watch the world drift by. We Tigers only need that one notch, never eleven.

Whilst their music alone will captivate you, there’s so much more complexity to We Tigers however. The artwork, the video framing, the artistic eye in every field of production is executed so impeccably, so understated and delightfully perfect. One senses the talents run deep, a perfect fusion of musicianship, technical skill, aesthetic creativity and inventiveness with the rare skill of knowing precisely when to sit back and know a project is complete. Remember these are just home made recordings yet the production is so eloquent and professional, I honestly think Michael has a special “make it sound incredible” button on his Mac!

I have posted two songs here which happily sell themselves. My words can add nothing further to their stunning beauty.

Check out We Tigers on Facebook and their fabulous YouTube channel.

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