I see many a home mic’d ukulele video go live every day, many from new-comers and numerous by acknowledged talent such as these two chaps. But it isn’t often something creeps into the ever inspiring Uke Planet Twitter feed that makes me double take, double take again and play several times over to make sure I’m awake!

Will Grove-White is a familiar name in the UK ukulele scene. As well as performing his own music in various guises including the ever inventive Will & The Others, he’s also a key member of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and has many a CD and professional acknowledgement to his name.

If you’re unfamiliar with this song by The Prodigy, I’d advise popping over to YouTube to take a listen to the original. To appreciate what a fabulous job Wil & Ali have done here it helps to have good understanding of the original and being a university student of the 90’s with many a Prodigy inspired leap around the dance floor to my name, my admiration just went up and up when I started to process just how clever this performance is.

Let me remind you this track is live. No loopers, no backing tracks, just two fellas, two ukes, a jaw harp, a wine glass and a pencil. Who knew a pencil could play such an important role! A lot of ukulele music strips down a song to it’s roots, it’s one of the reasons I love it, but to segment a club classic like this to a transparent acoustic version and pull it off so convincingly really is quite something. Will & Ali have cleverly mastered the nimble dance rhythms and riffs that make up the grounding of the song and with a few vocals and basic percussive additions have, somehow, created an absolute winner.

I adore both The Prodigy and the ukulele… gentleman, that was absolutely inspired and you have made my week!

You can watch all the Will Grove-White and Will & Ali videos you like on YouTube or for the full Will Grove-White S.P. jog over to his website.

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