With so many dreadful things dominating the media it is so refreshing to find something that just makes you happy. For many of us the ukulele provides this on a regular basis for this duet it went further still and spawned a relationship and musical partnership bridged between continents. “Drawn To You” is a song that records their journey, a little embellished with the fantastic, but I think we all need a little magic in our lives.

Germany’s Mari & Singapore’s Zacq both play ukulele, Zacq also providing the sweet yet powerful vocals ably backed by double bass (Camilo Goitia) and drums (Jan Hees). There is clearly some skillful playing going on here, the opening picking section being particularly compelling with a plethora of flourishes embellishing the strumming sections throughout and I do love the melodic nods to the East. What strikes me however is the song writing and structure in this track which to my mind has rock written all over it, the chorus in particular. This is no bad thing, and it in fact highly original to take such a style to the ukulele palette and I think it works perfectly. Indeed it shows yet again what can be achieved when puts out beloved instrument into appropriately capable and knowledgeable hands.

Whilst this track is truly excellent one cannot ignore the magnificent video that goes it. Aside from her musical side, Zacq is also a trained Manga artist the result of which of course is the professional storytelling that accompanies the song. Worth a lend of your ears and eyes too is “NamNam” a second single and equally catchy song. This time however the animation takes a back seat to the live action of the fish tank. Simple but clever and perfectly suited to the song.

“Drawn To You” is a wonderful ear worm of a single, immediately accessible with many a layer of well performed and orchestrated magic beneath. This is happy music and I think the world would be a nicer place if there were more of it and I’m sure NamNam is ever so proud!

Zacq & Mari have a website, YouTube Channel & Facebook page… so go and check them out!

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